Saturday, October 22, 2011

It is a beautiful fall day!  Crisp air and the leave are falling fast.  I know Winter is around the corner but that is fine.  I love Fall!  I know you have heard this a thousand time in reading my post.  I am preparing my Holiday Menu!  My favorite thing to do in the fall is,   you guessed it..... Bake!   Pumpkin Pie and all the cinnamon spicy goodies that goes with it. 

Just last week I found a wonderful place to market all my goodies.  My family recipe for my Cinnamon Rolls is one of those goodies.   That recipes is very close to my heart.  It was my Grandmother's ( Eva Higginbotham's) recipe and was dated 1886 when I got it.  My Mother (Gladys  Higginbotham Sheridan) gave this to me when I was 17.  I cherish it and it will remain a part of me as long as I live.   I will hand it down in a cookbook for my children to have forever.

As I said earlier,  I found a place to make and market my baked good.   It is the perfect place.  I wanted a place with a homey feel.  Brown's Amish Food Store in Nitro , WV  is the perfect place. When you walk in you see friendly faces with a friendly greeting.   There will be a wooden table just inside the door filled with all kinds of goodies.  Anything from fudge , hard candy and more.  Brown also has a resturant so you can enjoy a hot sandwich or sit and eat your goodies from The Merry Baker's!

I hope everyone comes and visits The Merry Baker and enjoys a Cinnamon Roll and other goodies!  Soon will have a Holiday Menu ready so you can get your Holiday order in.  I also make specialty cakes.  Call me for more details!

You can reach me at 304-541-703